North West District

District President: Cimi Douglass

Symbol:   The North West Tree of Life

Theme:    “Love Grows Here”  

Inspiration:“Like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, but our roots keep us grounded together, spreading peace, love & kindness to everyone we meet because “Love Grows Here.”

District Project: Children’s Charities across our District

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Club Name Federated Contact Us Today! Website and/or Facebook
Acworth Carrie Dyer Woman’s 1898  
Atlanta Woman’s Club 1895 Website


Buchanan Woman’s Club 1937  
Calhoun Woman’s Club 1902  Website


Cartersville Woman’s Club 1966  facebookicon
Chickamauga Woman’s Club 1990  
Cobb Woman’s Club 1998  facebookicon
Dallas Woman’s Club 1920
Dunwoody Woman’s Club 1971 Website


LaFayette Woman’s Club 1938  facebookicon
Marietta Woman’s Club 1920
Northside Woman’s Club 1928  Website
Roswell Cares Service League 2019  Website


Sandy Springs Woman’s Club 1949 Website