Welcome to our Junior Woman’s Club Page!  We are women across the world who join together to serve our communities by “Living the Volunteer Spirit.” Our international headquarters is located in Washington DC. The Junior Conference is a department of the General Federation of Women’s Clubs. The Junior Conference was originally established as a means to encourage young women to become involved in their communities. However, the state of Georgia has no age limit and welcomes women of all ages into the conference. The Junior Conference of the GFWC has a rich history. It is amazing to me to see the work that ladies for over 100 years have accomplished to make our world a better and safer place to live. Several former Junior Directors and our current Junior Director, Jolie Frankfurth, recently published the history of the GFWC Junior Conference. This is an excerpt from that article along the link to the remainder of the article. Please take a minute and read the information. I think you find it as fascinating as I did.

“From the history of Federation, we learn that as early as 1896, leaders saw the need for having a unit within the GFWC organization that would encourage and interest young women. Today, more than ever, we must be certain there is a steady succession of younger women joining our organization and taking active part in its program of adult leadership and community service.” Read more.

As a member of the Junior Conference, I am extremely honored and blessed to be serving as Director of Junior Club for the state of Georgia 2018-2020 Administration. I have spent the last two years learning from my mentors, traveling to meetings and listening to our club women. One of my goals for the next two years for our Junior Conference is to engage our membership in the GFWC and its many benefits of membership. Each member has a special gift and I want to help each lady utilize her gift in our wonderful organization. Our sisterhood is strong and we are a force when joined together for a cause. Let’s begin our journey together to share our love and passion for our communities, build friendships and definitely have some fun along the way!

As Junior Director, my theme for the next two years is It’s What You Do for Others That Counts.” This is something that I was taught as a young child and a famous quote of my Father. My parents truly lived this every day as an example before us. I have found that this is truly my inspiration behind “Living the Volunteer Spirit.” As Junior Clubwomen of all ages, we not only have the desire to help others, but to also pass that heritage onto the next generation. As we help with Special Olympics, or make an Operation Christmas Child shoebox, or play bunco for March of Dimes, or read to children at the Library, we are making a difference in our community. You will never regret to follow your heart because “It’s What You Do for Others That Counts.”

Our Tallulah Falls School Project for the Junior Conference is “Soft Serve Sweetness in the TFC.” We will be raising funds to purchase a soft serve ice cream machine for the high school cafeteria.  I was thrilled to take this as the Junior Conference project since we all Love Ice Cream. Let’s be creative to help Tallulah Falls School raise money for this machine and Enjoy the Dream for Ice Cream!

I have chosen “Cotton” as my symbol for a number of different reasons – the most important is it is my maiden name. You have heard the slogan “Cotton is the Fabric of our Lives.” Just as different types of cotton are woven together to make a beautiful garment, we as women of different backgrounds, personalities, social or economical backgrounds, all come together as One beautiful organization to make our communities and world a better place. Our Junior clubs across the state of Georgia are open to all women. We have clubs available in all areas of the state and welcome the opportunity to share our vision and mission with you. Please check “Find a club near you” section for additional information.

My special project as Junior Director is “Women’s Health with an emphasis in Diabetes.” I believe that we as women need to take care of ourselves physically, mentally and emotionally to be the best we can be. We will focus on many different aspects of Women’s Health over the next two years. However, I want to emphasize Diabetes because I have two close family members, my sister and son-in-law, who suffer with this disease, so it is very personal to me. I imagine that most people who read this know someone who suffers with Diabetes. It is non-forgiving and the damage it causes your body is irreversible. However, the good news is, it is manageable. With all the latest advancements in technology, people of all ages are able to live with the disease. Since Advocates for Children is the Junior Conference’s special project, we are going to support Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Juvenile Diabetes Research Project. They have teamed up with Emory Pediatrics and serve the entire state of Georgia. They are making substantial process in preventing and treating Diabetes. I am very excited to share more about the many accomplishments in the field, and to support this important cause.

As a member of the GFWC Georgia Junior Conference, I have found such joy in serving others. I look back at my journey and realize I would not have had these opportunities if one person had not invited me to a meeting. I challenge each of us to reach out and invite at least one lady to one meeting this year. Imagine the difference we can make if Each One Invited One! We have a treasure in our service to others and our many friendships – let’s share our experience with others so they will reap the benefits just like we have. As the Junior Conference pledge is quoted at each meeting, Let’s remember to be kind to others, reach out to encourage your sister, laugh with her, cry with her, listen to her, and always remember “It is What you Do for Others that Counts.”

In Federation,

Becky Bolden

GFWC Georgia – Director of Junior Clubs

Junior Pledge

The Junior Pledge was written in 1916 by Helen Cheney Kimberly of California, and was adopted in 1930 at the GFWC Convention as the National Junior Pledge.

I pledge my loyalty to the Junior Club women,
By doing better than ever before
What work I have to do;
By being prompt, honest, courteous,
By living each day, trying to accomplish something,
Not merely to exist.