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Welcome to our Junior Woman’s Club Page!  Junior Woman’s Clubs, also known as Junior clubs with members called Juniors, hold active membership status and participate in GFWC Community Service Programs and special projects in Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention and the Juniors’ Special Project: Advocates for Children.  Junior Woman’s Clubs vary in age ranges, and not all states have Junior Woman’s Clubs membership categories. Some State Federations place an age cap on Junior membership. Other State Federations support Junior membership at any age. On the national level, GFWC Junior Woman’s Clubs are represented by a GFWC Director of Junior Clubs, a nationally elected officer who serves as a member of the GFWC Executive Committee and who presides over all Junior functions at GFWC meetings.

Our Junior Director’s theme for the next two years is Making Memories Through Federation.  We as Juniors need to encourage growth in membership and the future of the Federation by none other than creating awesome memories with our fellow sisters while serving our communities.  Juniors need to let their voices be heard and share the memories that they have made through Federation and pull those friends, family members, employees, etc. into the best kept secret  ~ “GFWC Georgia.”

Listen to the Whisper is my special project for 2016-2018.  We will be working all over the State of Georgia to raise awareness and prevention for Ovarian Cancer. Ovarian Cancer is diagnosed in more than 21,000 women a year in the U.S. and it kills more than 14,000.  One out of every five women will develop Ovarian Cancer in their lifetime.  This disease is known as the silent but deadly disease.  So please join us in making an impact in Georgia about the Awareness and Prevention of Ovarian Cancer.

Our Tallulah Falls School Project for the Junior Conference is entitled Score 1 for TFS. We will be raising funds to purchase a new scoreboard for the baseball field that is utilized by the varsity and middle school baseball teams.  There have been many games that I have attended where the scoreboard was not working and seriously frustrated both teams and their parents.  I look forward to making a great impact with this project for TFS Athletics in the next two years.

I hope over the next two years, you will join the Junior Conference in Making Memories Through Federation.


Sandy Ahearn

GFWC Georgia Director of Junior Clubs 2016-2018

Theme: Framing Memories Through Federation


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Director of Junior Clubs’ Special Project: Listen to the Whisper

GFWC Junior Clubs’ Special Project: Advocates for Children

Tallulah Falls School Project:  Score 1 for TFS