GFWC Georgia General Reporting Guidelines (click here)

General Rules for Reporting 2018- 2020 ADMINISTRATION

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Each year all local clubs report their volunteer hours, donations from fundraising or inkind to GFWC Georgia.  As you know we report activities on an annual basis from January 1, 2020– December 31, 2020.  All reports must be postmarked no later than January 25th.

1. All clubs should make every effort to report. Reporting is the means by which GFWC Georgia is able to recognize and acknowledge outstanding services our clubs provide to our communities. GFWC uses the statistical information in lobbying efforts and in helping to acquire Partnerships and other funding. Reporting is the history of each club and is also a tool in preserving the history of women in our society.

2. The GFWC Georgia Plan of Work, or Yearbook, should be followed when planning Club projects. This will maximize the impact of GFWC and GFWC Georgia in our communities. This should not however, limit the imagination of your members in planning projects.

3. In compliance with the GFWC Reporting period, clubs should report work done between January 1 and December 31 of the most recently completed calendar year.

4. A completed GFWC Georgia Program/Special Project Report Form (report cover sheet) shall constitute a full report and shall make a club eligible for awards provided it is filed by the deadline required, January 25, and provided club dues are paid on time by December 1.

5. Reports may be filed by USPS or by electronic submission. Deadline for electronic submission is 11:59 pm January 25, regardless of the day of the week. Submissions by USPS must be postmarked on or before January 25, regardless of the day of the week.

6. Clubs should report activities in the appropriate Community Service Program, Special Programs, Advancement Areas and Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO) using the GFWC Georgia Club Award Entry Form. If a club wishes to include narratives, the GFWC Georgia Program/Special Project Report Form should be completed and narrative instructions followed. No more than ten (10) projects may be included in the narrative. Narrative pages must be clearly labeled with the club name, preparer name and email. The GFWC Club Statistical Form is mandatory, the GFWC Georgia Club Award Entry Form and narrative is optional.

7. All forms are found online at or are in a hard printed copy or flash drive format of the Club Manual.

8. Depending on its membership, a club will report in one of the following categories:

a. Membership of 25 or less
b. Membership of 26-50
c. Membership of 51 or greater
d. Junior Clubs and Juniorette Clubs (regardless of size)

9. District winners will be determined from the reports submitted. Winners will be determined by the appropriate State Chairmen. It is not necessary for clubs to send reports to the District Chairmen. District Awards Chairmen should send a complete list of the awards presented by their District to the State Awards Chairmen.

Eligibility for Awards
1. Clubs must pay dues on time. Dues are due on June 1 and are delinquent if not received in the State Office by December 1st. Additionally, all Junior Clubs must pay Junior Conference dues on or before December 1. No club or club member is eligible for an award if the club’s dues are not postmarked on or before December 1 of the reporting year.

2. Clubs must pay dues on the same number of members to their District, the State and, if applicable, the Junior Conference.

3. If mailed by USPS, reports must be postmarked on or before January 25. In those years where January 25 falls on a Sunday or a Federal holiday, reports must be postmarked prior to January 25.

4. Electronic report submissions must be received by 11:59 pm on January 25. This is regardless of the day of the week.

PLEASE NOTE: Failure to comply with the foregoing requirements will render a club, or its members, ineligible for awards.

Explanation of the Reporting Forms
Reporting forms may be found on the website,, or in the GFWC Georgia Club Yearbook. All forms may be photocopied or downloaded.


1. GFWC Georgia Statistical Reporting Form – this form is required of all clubs. The President of each club should complete this form. All club statistical information may be reported on this one form. NO NARRATIVE should be attached to this form. This is the only report clubs must complete and submit to be eligible for awards.

2. GFWC Georgia Program/Special Project Report Form – this is where you report the activities of your club work in a narrative form. This is an optional report. A separate cover sheet must be completed for each of the six (6) Community Service Programs, Tallulah Falls School, and the two (2) Special Programs, one for each of the Advancement Areas and Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO). Each club may complete and submit one report for each of these areas. Narratives are limited to ten (10) projects. These must be individual projects and not categories of work. Two (2) single-spaced pages of narrative are allowed. The font size must be 12 or higher. Narrative pages must be clearly marked with the club name, preparer name and email. Projects should be numbered one (1) to ten (10).

3. GFWC Club Creativity Award – this is an opportunity to provide additional information and highlight one (1) project your club feels is exceptional in each area of work. Consider this project to be your most outstanding project in each area of work. This report is optional. One project may be highlighted for each of the six (6) Community Service Programs, the two (2) Special Programs, Advancement Areas and Epsilon Sigma Omicron (ESO). The narrative is limited to one (1) page, single-spaced, using a 12 point font or larger. The narrative page must be clearly labeled with the club name, preparer name and email. There will be one Creativity Award overall winner and one Honorable Mention winner for each area of work.

GFWC Georgia Other Reports and Awards
GFWC Georgia sponsors several special emphasis projects requiring special reports. These projects are listed in the GFWC Georgia Club Yearbook. These special projects are promoted by the Special Committee Chairmen. These include but are not limited to: the Community Improvement Program, Fundraising, Leadership, Legislative, Membership and Tallulah Falls School. Additionally, there is a special report required for the President’s Special Project. If a club wishes to compete for these awards, the club should use the reporting criteria outlined in the GFWC Georgia Yearbook. These awards are subject to the eligibility requirements as set forth above. Reports may be mailed by USPS or electronically submitted.

PLEASE NOTE: Statistical information for ADVANCEMENT AREAS (Communications and Public Relations, Leadership, Legislative/Public Policy, Membership, Fundraising and Women’s History/Resource Center) and ESO are reported on a separate GFWC Georgia Statistical Form. The GFWC Georgia Club Award Entry Form and the GFWC Georgia Club Creativity Form may be completed for these special emphasis areas. Additional reports may be required.

General Federation of Women’s Clubs Awards
Our parent organization, the General Federation of Women’s Clubs (GFWC), sponsors a number of special emphasis awards during each administration, many of which are cash awards. A complete list of these awards can be found in the GFWC Club Manual, which is available for download and printing at There is no cost for the electronic version of the Club Manual. Hard copies of the manual may also be ordered directly from GFWC, either by going to the website under the tab “Marketplace” or by calling a GFWC Membership Associate at 202-347-3168. These awards require a separate report to be submitted during the second year of the administration. Clubs wishing to compete for any of these awards should submit their report to the relevant State Chairman no later than March 1 of the second year of the administration. In the event there is more than one (1) submission, a state winner will be selected and the report forwarded to GFWC no later than March 15 for judging at the national level.

2020 124th Convention Awards

2019 123rd Convention Awards

2019 Institute

CSP Reporting Forms – WORD Format due Jan. 25 

CSP Reporting Forms – PDF Form fill-in Format due Jan. 25

Options: 1) Print and fill in manually by hand or typed or 2) Always download document to your computer FIRST, then Fill in data, save as a new document. 

Other Reporting Forms 

Advancement Areas (6), Special Committees & Projects (6)

Treasurer Forms 2020-2022

 Note: When you mail in your membership dues voucherplease update your club’s membership roster. Emailing your club’s membership roster to the state office is extremely important as information is cut, pasted and shared with other state reports.  This is a tremendous time saver and helps ensure correctness of data.

Updated membership rosters are to be emailed to the state office at: with a copy to Membership Chairman Cathy Jones –  If a member changes their address, email address or phone number, please let the state office know.

End of Year Forms: The time is quickly approaching for Georgia Clubs to begin compiling and submitting information & funds to the state office.

  • TFS Student event contributions are due Dec 1.
  • Membership dues are due 12/01/2018 and must be post marked no later than December 1st to be counted as received on time.**