Each year all local clubs report their volunteer hours, donations from fundraising or inkind to GFWC Georgia.  As you know we report activities on an annual basis from January 1, 2017– December 31, 2017.  All reports must be postmarked no later than February 1st.

Why Report?  There are many reasons why we could report our activities to the State each year.

  • Reporting documents the history of your club and ultimately the history of our state.
  • Statistics are compiled at the national level allowing GFWC to receive grants and partnerships with national organizations.
  • It documents your Club’s 501c3 non-profit status.
  • Reports are judged each year on the State and National levels, all clubs who turn in reports are eligible to win awards and State recognition which in turn can be attractive to potential members and/or for corporate sponsorships and/or fundraising.
  • Reporting is also important to highlight and share your club’s creativity and interests with our membership.  It can be used as a source of inspiration to other clubs to either implement a similar project or use it as a basis for developing their own programs.

Tips: Compile a report for each project your club does as it happens during the calendar year to be compiled into the State Report in January and submit to the State no later than February 1st.

  • Keep a reporting log for each project
  • Decide if the project is a Community Service Program, Partnership or Advancement Area
  • Decide where to report your project – speak with your 2nd VP when in doubt.
  • If a project falls under multiple programs the club should determine which Community Service Program to report the project in. There is no cross reporting.
  • Record the number of members participating– the number of members participating should not exceed the number of dues paying members
  • Calculate the number of volunteer hours for each project
  • Calculate the number of dollars donated
  • Determine the In Kind Donations – Refer to the In Kind Donation Guide provided by GFWC at gfwc.org
  • Write a narrative telling the story of what you accomplished. Remember the who, what, when, where, how and why of the project
  • Create a master club file with the President or Report Chairman to keep all reports to be compiled into one report for each area in January and sent to the State Reporting Chairman – postmarked no later than February 1.

See reporting guidelines below.

Reporting & Judging Forms

CSP Reporting & Judging Forms – Word Format

CSP Reporting & Judging Forms – PDF Form fill-in Format

Options: 1) Print and fill in manually by hand or typed or 2) Fill in data, save as a new document. Note: Older versions of Adobe may not save the data, so please TEST this first by entering data and saving.

Organizational Documents

Treasurer Forms – Dec. 1st deadline