Dear Fellow GFWC Georgia Club Women,

I do not have the words to express my heart felt thoughts to you as I write my first communications as being the 2020‐2022 GFWC Georgia State President. It is an honor and privilege to serve such wonderful clubwomen throughout the State of Georgia, while I am blessed to have you work along beside me in this new administration. The date of June 6, 2020 will always be special to remember as the 2020‐2022 GFWC Georgia Officers were officially installed. I must admit there were times when installation did not seem possible due to the Coronavirus, as events were postponed or cancelled but through good leadership displayed by the State, the Districts and the Clubs, unknown skills were obtained to weather the ups and downs to carry on. Today is the new “Normal” as clubs face the challenges of tomorrow, and the next day, and the next. I am thankful for the clubwomen who have stepped up to move our organization forward.

The theme for my administration is “Smile, Motivate, Inspire, Lead, Excel” (SMILE). GFWC Georgia is encouraged to use their leadership quality throughout communities as they SMILE to reach that new member. GFWC Georgia will host S.M.I.L.E. Saturdays on the first Saturday of each month and clubwomen are asked to wear a club t‐shirt, or a district t‐shirt, or GFWC shirt where they go throughout the day on that Saturday with hopes that someone will ask about your shirt to allow you to share your elevator speech regarding GFWC Georgia. Include your photos and results on Facebook and Instagram. Also, per GFWC President Marian St.Clair, GFWC is offering a monetary award of $50 to
States for each new club established during this administration so let’s work on our SMILES!

The “diamond” will be my symbol for this administration. A diamond is a chunk of coal that “did well under pressure” and to me, this describes a club woman as she is a precious gem and does her best work under pressure. Shine bright like a diamond and remember that it’s not that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, but it’s your friends who are our diamonds!

I have chosen as my state project, F.A.R.E, which represents an organization that brings life, help and hope to people living with allergies. As F.A.R.E. is the leading national organization working on behalf of the 32 million American with food allergies, I have become aware of the increasing numbers of club women who have food allergies. I believe that we as an organization can identify with ourselves and promote allergy education to others in our communities. I encourage clubs to form a “Team FARE” in their area as well as assist schools to be prepared to effectively manage students with good allergies. Club women are encouraged to check out for ideas. Every three minutes a food allergy reaction sends someone to the emergency room. Between 2007 and 2016, there has been a 377% increase in diagnosis of anaphylactic food reactions. Let us become mindful and share this Food Allergy Research Education organization with others.

As I anticipate moving forward during 2020, my desire is for you to come along with me as I become acquainted with clubs as we attend meetings together or be included in projects where I can participate along beside members to allow GFWC Georgia to “Shine the Brightest during 2020”.

In Federated Service,
Shelby Holland

GFWC is a member driven volunteer organization with many levels of leadership and membership. The GFWC State Officers represent GFWC members within our great State of Georgia.

2020-2022 GFWC Georgia – State Officers

  • State President                                                               Shelby Holland
  • First Vice President/President-Elect                Kim Sekulow
  • Second Vice President                                               Cathy Jones
  • Third Vice President                                                    Peggy Wilson
  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                      Dana Skelton
  • Recording Secretary                                                    Julie Walters
  • Treasurer                                                                             Dale Reddick
  • Corresponding Secretary                                         Doris Hutchens
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                              Brenda Martin
  • Past President                                                                Tina Daniel

Georgia Executive Committee

  • Life Director                                                                       Kay Chadwick
  • Life Director/Protocol                                                 Pat Swan
  • Life Director                                                                       Shirene Daniell
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Kathryn Youles
  • Member-At-Large-Meetings Chairman          Kitty Wise
  • Member-At-Large Jr. Special Project                Laedenia Jewell
  • Junior Conference First Vice President/
  • Director-Elect of Junior Clubs                                 Nicole Braun
  • Ella F. White Memorial Endowment                  Barbara Reynolds
  • Fund State Chairman                                                    
  • Ex-Officio Member: Chairman of the                Gail Cantrell
  • Board of Trustees, Tallulah Falls School

GFWC Georgia Junior Officers

  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                           Dana Skelton
  • 1st Vice President / Director-Elect of                     Nicole Braun
  • Junior Clubs 2nd Vice President                               Jennifer Stalvey
  • Recording Secretary                                                          Laedenia Jewell
  • Treasurer                                                                                 Erica Alfonso
  • Corresponding Secretary                                               Jennifer Findley
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                                    Dale Reddick
  • Immediate Past Director of Jr. Clubs                       Becky Bolden

GFWC Georgia District Presidents

  • Central East District                                                        Debbie Brown
  • Central West District                                                       Patricia Busby
  • North East District                                                            Jill Bagley
  • North West District                                                         Cimi Douglass
  • South East District                                                           Hilda Hagarty
  • South West District                                                         Janice Blanchard

GFWC Georgia Standing Committees – see yearbook

GFWC Georgia Special Committees – see yearbook

GFWC Special Committees/GFWC Special Appointments – see yearbook