Dear Fellow GFWC Georgia Club Women,

It is an honor and a privilege to write this first communication to you as the 2018-2020 GFWC Georgia State President. Thank you for your belief in me and the support you have shown to me. I am truly blessed to have the wonderful clubwomen of Georgia encourage me in this role.

The theme for my two years is “Lead, Encourage, and Inspire” and it has come from the many years I have been taught leadership, I have been encouraged, or I have been inspired by my Federated friends and events. I hope you will also find leadership, encouragement, and inspiration during these two years.

My symbol is a strand of pearls. A single pearl is beautiful in and of itself but a strand of pearls is magnificent. I think of our membership this way. On our own, we can do things. Together, we can do amazing things. Let’s do remarkable things these two years! One of those is opening our doors to other women who would benefit from belonging to our clubs. Membership continues to be a critical area in our organization. We are 2,083 strong at this time. I hope to see us grow even stronger and challenge our clubs to grow by 10% this year – maintain your membership and add 10% more! Who is up for the challenge?

My inspiration comes from our Club Collect written by Mary Stewart in 1904 and is the very last phrase…”And, oh Lord God, let us not forget to be kind”. In all of our doings, in all of our meetings, in all of our interactions, help us to remember to be kind to others. To show a positive attitude, to be compassionate, helpful, and cooperative. In this wonderful organization, we are all volunteers. Be kind to one another.

As a state project, I choose to partner with Girl Scouts, an organization near and dear to my heart. As a girl scout myself and as a troop leader, I feel our organization has similar values and mission to build strong girls, provide leadership opportunities, and expose girls to many activities to grow and learn. Visit the “Girl Scouts at a Glance” on our website for ways you and your club can assist Girl Scouts. We will also have enjoyable things happening at our meetings such as earning badges and eating s’mores to remind us of the fun Girl Scouts have.

I personally now invite each of you to the state meetings. Please consider being a part of the state functions. Most women will tell you this is a wonderful opportunity to learn and grow. Members also asked for less seating and more learning. Members, watch out! That is what you will be doing in this administration! We will be very hands on at our first Institute August 17-19, 2018 at the Classic Center in Athens. A fun, interactive market place is being planned for you to enjoy, to become inspired, and to take club project ideas back to your clubs to impact your communities.

Please feel free to reach out to me, invite me to a club meeting or a project where I can work alongside your members. I am looking forward to serving GFWC Georgia in these two years.

In Federated Sisterhood,

Tina Daniel

President, GFWC Georgia


GFWC is a member driven volunteer organization with many levels of leadership and membership. The GFWC State Officers represent GFWC members within our great State of Georgia.

2018-20 GFWC Georgia – State Officers

  • State President                                                               Tina Daniel
  • First Vice President/President-Elect                Shelby Holland
  • Second Vice President                                                Kim Sekulow
  • Third Vice President                                                    Cathy Jones
  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                      Becky Bolden
  • Recording Secretary                                                    Peggy Wilson
  • Treasurer                                                                             Armenda Barnes
  • Corresponding Secretary                                         Cimi Douglass
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                              Shirene Daniell

Georgia Executive Committee

  • Past President                                                                   Ida Dorvee
  • Southern Region Conference President         Kay Chadwick
  • Life Director                                                                       Shari Carter
  • Life Director                                                                       Brenda Martin
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Julie Walters
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Diane Norris
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Linda Ford
  • Junior Conference First Vice President/
  • Director-Elect of Junior Clubs                                Dana Skelton-Sanders
  • Ella F. White Memorial Endowment
  • Fund State Chairman                                                    Sandi Quattlebaum
  • Ex-Officio Member: Chairman of the                Gail Cantrell
  • Board of Trustees, Tallulah Falls School

GFWC Georgia Junior Officers

  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                           Becky Bolden
  • 1st Vice President / Director-Elect of                     Dana Skelton-Sanders
  • Junior Clubs 2nd Vice President                               Kelsey Johnson
  • Recording Secretary                                                          Nicole Braun
  • Treasurer                                                                               Jennifer Stalvey
  • Corresponding Secretary                                               Lori Townley
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                                   Kathryn Youles
  • Member at Large                                                               Shelby Holland
  • Immediate Past President                                            Sandy Ahearn

GFWC Georgia District Presidents

  • Central East District                                                        Debby Vanderbunt
  • Central West District                                                       Pat Turner
  • North East District                                                           Patty Gabilondo
  • North West District                                                         Karen Clydesdale
  • South East District                                                           Hilda Hagarty
  • South West District                                                         Dianne Barlow

GFWC Georgia Standing Committees

GFWC Georgia Special Committees

GFWC Special Committees/GFWC Special Appointments