Symbol:  Compass

Theme: Purpose + Passion = Power


Dear GFWC Ga Clubwomen,

Thank you for the honor of representing you as your GFWC Ga State President for 2022-2024.  It is a responsibility I take seriously and will strive to represent you to the best of my abilities.  I love our federated organization for so many reasons but friendships and service are at the top of the list.  We are clubwomen and friends who share many of the same passions but certainly the same purpose.  Some of my own passions have been developed because I have been introduced to yours.  Our passions are what keep us together while working towards our purpose, which is to better serve the community in which we live. Therein lies the meaning of my theme:  “Passion + Purpose = Power.  GFWC Volunteers with a Passion”.  To accompany that, my symbol is the Compass.  A goal for this administration is to redefine our passions and more clearly state our purpose as we seek like-minded women who share those common denominators with us.  The outcome will be growth our organization and will help us become a more visible force in our communities.

In GFWC, our purpose is singular. We all have the same true North. We are dedicated to community improvement by enhancing the lives of others through volunteer service. Our passions, on the other hand, are many and can change and evolve as we journey therefore, our paths to our purpose are not all the same.  I challenge you as clubwomen to identify and to focus on defining your passions. Your passion is your energy, your emotions and your gut. It is what motivates you to plan, attend and follow through.   When you are being your true self and sharing what is important to you, you will find others in your club will respond and so will people outside of our organization.  There is great value is working with similarly passionate people.  I have a strong belief that our actions are what attract new members, not our meetings.

Jay Shetty, author and public speaker says, “Your passion is for you and your purpose is for others.  When you use your passion in the service to others it becomes your purpose.”  Use our plan of work to tap into both parts of the equation …your passions and our purpose as you serve others.  Use it as guide to funnel your energy or create new ways to bring about change and assistance for your community. Make it work for you!  The reason there is so much information we share is not to make it mandatory to do everything inside its pages, but to help you find areas that might excite you and ignite your creativity.

These next two years, find your path!  We won’t all get there on the same road, but always remember we share the same goal.  It doesn’t matter what size your club is.  Large or small, using passions to meet our purpose has the same result.  What path will you take, what impact will you make? Use the compass as an example. It is a tool for determining direction, so set goals, determine where you want to go, chart your course.  The magnetic needle of the compass will always point North, so look ahead, put what we always used to do behind you and move forward.  Use the tools at your disposal, call on your District and State Officers, we are all here to help and assist you in being your most successful selves.

Again, thank you for the honor of serving as your State President. I am thankful to each of you who said yes when asked to serve in a leadership position for this administration. I think T.D. Jakes said it best when he said, “If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For your passion will lead you right into your purpose.”  We are all GFWC Volunteers with a Passion!

In Federation,

Kim Sekulow

2022-2024 GFWC Georgia – State Officers

  • State President                                                               Kim Sekulow
  • First Vice President/President-Elect                Cathy Jones
  • Second Vice President                                               Peggy Wilson
  • Third Vice President                                                    Julie Walters
  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                      Nicole Braun
  • Recording Secretary                                                    Dale Reddick
  • Treasurer                                                                             Cimi Douglass
  • Corresponding Secretary                                         Jill Bagley
  • Parliamentary Advisor/Life Director                          Shari Carter
  • Past President                                                                Shelby Holland

Georgia Executive Committee

  • Immediate Past President                                    Shelby Holland
  • Life Director                                                         Shirene Daniell
  • Life Director                                                         Ida Dorvee
  • Life Director                                                         Tina Neese
  • Member At Large                                                 GeorgeAnn Hoffman
  • Member At Large                                                Kathryn Youles
  • Member At Large                                                Linda Ford
  • Jr Conference 1st VP                                           Jennier Stalvey
  • Ella F. White Chairman                                        Barbara Reynolds

GFWC Georgia Junior Officers

  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                           Nicole Braun
  • 1st Vice President / Director-Elect of                     Jennifer Stalvey
  • Junior Clubs 2nd Vice President                               Laedenia Jewell
  • Recording Secretary                                                          
  • Treasurer                                                                            
  • Corresponding Secretary                                               
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                                    
  • Immediate Past Director of Jr. Clubs                       Dana Skelton

GFWC Georgia District Presidents

  • Central East District                                                        Mary Beth Jacobson
  • Central West District                                                       Peggy Gau
  • North East District                                                            Barbara Brooks
  • North West District                                                         Julie Bates
  • South East District                                                           Barbara Scott
  • South West District                                                         Lisa Ramsey

GFWC Georgia Standing Committees – see yearbook

GFWC Georgia Special Committees – see yearbook

GFWC Special Committees/GFWC Special Appointments – see yearbook