Dear Members of GFWC Georgia:

Thank you for this opportunity to lead our Federation for the next two years.  Of course, no leader ever walks alone, and so I give a special thanks both to my fellow elected officers, as well as to those members that have so generously agreed to serve in chairmanships or on committees.

One of my goals for this administration is to make our communities and our state more familiar with the GFWC “brand.” To that end, I am using the GFWC symbol as my symbol, and my special project will be the GFWC Special Program, Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention. This goal results from the fact that despite our 125-year history, people often tell me that they have never heard of GFWC. I ask that you all join me in working to change that situation and to make our Federation as well known as other national volunteer organizations.

In addition to focusing on the issue of domestic violence, GFWC Georgia will also continue to work with and support our Federation’s permanent legacy, Tallulah Falls School. I am asking our club women to participate in my special project for the school, TFS: Training For Success. This project will fund the traverse climbing wall that has been installed in TFS’s new multi-purpose building.

I recognize that to be successful, our Federation, like any volunteer organization, must listen and respond to its members. During this administration, therefore, the GFWC Georgia Executive Committee and I will work to ensure that our priorities and our programs are member-driven.

Again, I am grateful for this privilege you have granted me, and I look forward to working with all of you during this administration.

Yours in Federation,

Ida Dorvee

President, GFWC Georgia


GFWC is a member driven service organization with many levels of leadership and membership. The GFWC State Officers represent GFWC members within our great State of Georgia.

2016-18 GFWC Georgia – State Officers

  • State President                                                                Ida Patterson Dorvee
  • First Vice President/President-Elect                  Tina Daniel-Reasey
  • Second Vice President                                                Shelby Holland
  • Third Vice President                                                    Kim Sekulow
  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                      Sandy Ahearn
  • Recording Secretary                                                    Cathy Jones
  • Treasurer                                                                            Barbara Reynolds
  • Corresponding Secretary                                         Armenda Barnes
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                              Shari Carter

Georgia Executive Committee

  • Past President                                                                   Shirene Daniell
  • Southern Region Conference VP                          Kay Chadwick
  • Life Director                                                                        Joanne Dixon
  • Life Director                                                                       Avernell Rogers
  • Life Director                                                                       Patsy Carlton
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Diane Barlow
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Diane Norris
  • Member-At-Large                                                           Nanci Speagle
  • Junior Conference First Vice President/
  • Director-Elect of Junior Clubs                                  Becky Bolden
  • Ella F. White Memorial Endowment
  • Fund State Chairman                                                    Sandi Quattlebaum
  • Ex-Officio Member: Chairman of the                Amy Atkinson
  • Board of Trustees, Tallulah Falls School

GFWC Georgia Junior Officers

  • Director of Jr. Clubs                                                           Sandy Ahearn
  • 1st Vice President / Director-Elect of                      Becky Bolden
  • Junior Clubs
  • 2nd Vice President                                                             Dana Skelton-Sanders
  • Recording Secretary                                                          Kesley Johnson
  • Treasurer                                                                                  Jennifer Stalvey
  • Corresponding Secretary                                               Shelby Holland
  • Parliamentary Advisor                                                    Dale Reddick
  • Member at Large                                                                Tiffany White
  • Member at Large                                                                Dale Rickett
  • Immediate Past President                                            Vicki Weber

GFWC Georgia District Presidents

  • Central East District                                                         Deborah Landress
  • Central West District                                                       Peggy Wilson
  • North East District                                                            Renette Todd
  • North West District                                                         Ales Campbell
  • South East District                                                           Kathryn Youles
  • South West District                                                         Susan Saye

GFWC Georgia Standing Committees

GFWC Georgia Special Committees

GFWC Special Committees/GFWC Special Appointments