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November 2016 Newsletter

November 2014 Newsletter

GFWC Georgia Newsletter Subscriptions:

If the State Office has your email address, you’ll receive the Georgia Clubwoman Newsletter!  Georgia Clubwoman Newsletter Subscription Information: By email – free, please sign up below or contact Elizabeth Chadwick.  If you choose to have your newsletter mailed to you, it will cost $15.00  (4 issues).  Contact Elizabeth Chadwick, Newsletter Editor and Sabrina Hancock, Junior Conference Newsletter Editor

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Please send your club news and club newsletters to:  echadwick@daltonstate.edu
Elizabeth Chadwick, GFWC Georgia Clubwoman Newsletter Chairman -706-217-7194 cell
2715 Clearview Drive, SW – Rocky Face, GA 30740

Deadlines for submissions to the newsletter are:

  • ISSUE ONE                News to Editor by October 1, 2017              emailed early November 2017
  • ISSUE TWO                News to Editor by February 1, 2018            emailed early March 2018
  • ISSUE THREE            News to Editor by June 15, 2018                 emailed mid-late July 2018
  • ISSUE FOUR              News to Editor by October 1, 2018              emailed early November 2018
  • ISSUE FIVE                News to Editor by February 1, 2019            emailed early March 2019

CLUB PRESIDENTS (General and Junior): Each time you publish a newsletter, please send a copy to Elizabeth Chadwick. Information will be taken from your newsletters to publish in the Georgia Clubwoman Newsletter.  Your individual newsletters will be judged for the GFWC Georgia Newsletter Contest!!!

Your club may win an award at the next state convention. Check out the Clubwoman/Newsletter Section of the Yearbook for the reporting form.

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Please let us know what your club is up to – we want to promote it on the State Level through our social media outlets.  Let’s us help you spread the news!     Please email us:  gfwcgeorgiapr@gmail.com.

Contact GFWC Webmaster with edits or suggestions: cimi.douglass@gmail.com

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