2020-2022 GFWC Georgia Juniorette Clubs

For over 30 years, GFWC Juniorettes have sharpened their leadership skills and put their idealism to work in projects that benefit children, families, and communities.  Juniorette Clubs, whose members might be called Juniorettes, are composed of young women in junior or senior high school with an age range from 12 to 18 years. Juniorettes may have voting privileges at the GFWC Annual Convention, are eligible for awards, and have reporting responsibilities, just like Woman’s Clubs and Junior Woman’s Clubs. GFWC Georgia Juniorette clubs are sponsored by active GFWC Georgia General and Junior clubs and must have an adult advisor to serve as a liaison between the two clubs.  It is recommended that a Juniorette club not be organized unless there is a regular GFWC advisor from a Woman’s Club or Junior Woman’s Club assigned to it. For further guidelines on organizing a GFWC Juniorette club, please refer to the GFWC Juniorette Handbook.  

There are three Juniorette Clubs in the Georgia Federation of Women’s Clubs.

GFWC Georgia Juniorettes are intelligent, energetic, enthusiastic and talented young adults committed to community service and to self development. This age group is concerned about the issues facing themselves, their families, their communities and the world in which they live. A Juniorette Club affords the perfect opportunity for them to learn and to grow, as well as, a place to put their ideas into action.

For more information about GFWC Georgia Juniorettes please contact Judine Heard, GFWC Georgia Juniorette Clubs Coordinator

The JUNIOR CLUBGFWC Juniorette Handbook is now available.  Click on the Juniorette Handbook cover icon to download a PDF of the publication.  This handbook contains information that is applicable to both sponsor clubs and Juniorette clubs.