Welcome to the GFWC Georgia Marketplace!  GFWC Georgia and GFWC promotional products are listed below our Buy Once Give Twice section.

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Club and District Marketing Place – Buy Once, Give Twice

Every now and then we all need a little inspiration to help us choose the perfect gift for friends or family. We would like to encourage you to give gifts that not only benefit the recipient, but also benefit others. Here are a few items that fall into the category “buy once—give twice.” In other words, you’ll have a nice handmade made gift to give someone with the added bonus of knowing that the funds raised will benefit our local communities.

Our clubs and Districts serve our community with various service projects. Fundraising is how they raise funds to give back to the community.  They purchase items for hygiene kits, activity kits for hospitals, toys, and much more for those who need it the most.  Please consider shopping for the greater good – it’s a win/win – a gift for you or a loved one while also giving back to the community.

Each Club listed below has their own products and sell their items in various ways.  Some clubs use square, some require payment by check, etc.  All items can be shipped for an additional fee.  GFWC Georgia is not responsible for the items other than listing them on our site, please work with the individual clubs or district directly.

Clubs/District if you would like to post an item on our website please contact website@gfwcgeorgia.org.  Please note we  cannot post items that are similar to our GFWC Georgia products – all items need to be approved by GFWC Georgia before posting. The items for sale MUST benefit your fundraising needs and not for personal gain.


Cartersville Woman’s Club- bowl koozies, mommy & me aprons, kitchen boas, and more. https://cartersvillewomansclub.org/shoppe-for-the-greater-good-2/.





GFWC Georgia is pleased to offer promotional/branded merchandise such as branded shirts, garment bags, pins, program guidelines, and training materials for your clubs. All items will require additional fee for postage and can be purchased below.  If you have trouble with the square site, please contact Deborah Landress at office@gfwcgeorgia.org, Phone: (706) 754-3127.  Check it out by clicking the GFWC Georgia Marketplace button.

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GFWC has a Marketplace as well with high-quality GFWC merchandise that you know and love, including face masks, anniversary pins, t-shirts, accessories, and more. To browse the great items GFWC offers, log into your Member Portal account and click on the “Marketplace” menu option.

If you have any difficulties purchasing GFWC merchandise through Marketplace, please don’t hesitate to email GFWC@GFWC.org or Membership Services Coordinator Lydia Miller with your concerns.