2018-2020 GFWC Georgia Yearbook (Click title to download yearbook)

gafwctranslogo02Click the above title to download the entire yearbook (397 pages).  It is also available in Print and on a Flashdrive.  You can order your yearbook by downloading this order form and sending it to yearbook@gfwcgeorgia.org. 

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President president@GFWCGeorgia.org Tina Daniel
1st Vice President/President-Elect firstvp@GFWCGeorgia.org Shelby Holland
2nd Vice President secondvp@GFWCGeorgia.org Kim Sekulow
3rd Vice President Membership@GFWCGeorgia.org Cathy Jones
Treasurer Treasurer@GFWCGeorgia.org Armenda Barnes
Recording Secretary recording@GFWCGeorgia.org Peggy Wilson
Corresponding Secretary corresponding@GFWCGeorgia.org Cimi Douglass
Parliamentary Advisor parliamentarian@GFWCGeorgia.org Shirene Daniell
Past President pastpresident@GFWCGeorgia.org Ida Dorvee


District Central East President CEdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Debby Vanderbunt
District Central West President CWdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Pat Turner
District North East President NEdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Patty Gabilondo
District North West President NWdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Karen Clydesdale
District South East President SEdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Hilda Hagarty
District South West President SWdistrict@GFWCGeorgia.org Dianne Barlow


GFWC Ga Office Office@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress
For Reports to State reports@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress
For Yearbook Updates Yearbook@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress


Director of Junior Clubs juniordirector@GFWCGeorgia.org Becky Bolden
Junior Conference 1st VP/Dir.-Elect jrfirstvp@GFWCGeorgia.org  Dana Skelton-Sanders
Second Vice President jrsecondvp@GFWCGeorgia.org Kelsey Johnson
Recording Secretary jrrecording@GFWCGeorgia.org Nicole Braun
Treasurer jrtreasurer@GFWCGeorgia.org Jennifer Stalvey
Corresponding Secretary jrcorresponding@GFWCGeorgia.org Lori Townley
Parliamentary Advisor jrparliamentarian@GFWCGeorgia.org Kathryn Youles
Immediate Past Director of Junior Clubs jrpastdirector@GFWCGeorgia.org Sandy Ahearn


Standing Committees Chairman StandingComms@GFWCGeorgia.org Bonnie Rogers
Awards State Chairman Awards@GFWCGeorgia.org Diane Norris
Awards Junior Conference Chairman JrAwards@GFWCGeorgia.org Laedenia Jewell
Budget & Finance Committee Chairman Finance@GFWCGeorgia.org Armenda Barnes
Community Improvement Program CIP@GFWCGeorgia.org Cathy Armstrong
Bylaws/Resolution Chairman Bylaws@GFWCGeorgia.org Ida Dorvee
Communications & Public Relations Chair CPR@GFWCGeorgia.org Mary Jacobson
Junior Communication and PR Chair JrCPR@GFWCGeorgia.org
Newsletter Editor News@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress
Junior Newsletter Editor JrNewsletlter@GFWCGeorgia.org Freda Tylor
Social Media Chairman Social@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress
Website Chairman Website@GFWCGeorgia.org Cimi Douglass
GFWC Club Magazine Chair GFWCClubMag@GFWCGeorgia.org Jeanette Coody
Pinterest Editor Pinterest@GFWCGeorgia.org Crystal Pugh
State Conventions & Meeting Chair conventions@GFWCGeorgia.org Julie Walters
Credentials Chair credentials@GFWCGeorgia.org Brenda Worley
Junior Conference Credentials Chair Jrcredentials@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress
Ella F. White Memorial Endow Fund Chair  EllaWhite@GFWCGeorgia.org


Sandi Quattlebaum
Women’s History and Resource WomensHistory@GFWCGeorgia.org Laedenia Jewell
Fundraising State Chair Fundraising@GFWCGeorgia.org Brenda Gramm
Junior Fundraising Chair Jrfundraising@GFWCGeorgia.org Dale Reddick
Georgia Historian GAHistorian@GFWCGeorgia.org Jennifer Stolarik
Leadership/Leads Chair Leads@GFWCGeorgia.org Judine Heard
Leadership/Leads Junior Chair Jrleads@GFWCGeorgia.org Cathy Armstrong
Legislation/Public Policy Chair Legislation@GFWCGeorgia.org Beth English
Junior Legislation/Public Policy Chair JrLegislation@GFWCGeorgia.org Susan Hisaw
Lipscomb Society State Chair Lipscomb@GFWCGeorgia.org Brenda Martin
Memorials Chair Memorials@GFWCGeorgia.org Mary Bob Fox
Photographer Photos@GFWCGeorgia.org Martha Lee Sherman
President’s Scrapbook Scrapbook@GFWCGeorgia.org Sandy Ahearn
Director of Junior Clubs’ Scrapbook JrScrapbook@GFWCGeorgia.org Stephanie Crunkleton
Protocol Chair Protocol@GFWCGeorgia.org Kay Chadwick
Jr. Protocol Chair jrprotocol@gfwcgeorgia.org Amelia Massey
Strategic Planning Chair Strategic@GFWCGeorgia.org Shari Carter
NE Strategic Planning StrategicNE@GFWCGeorgia.org Marianne Gage
NW Strategic Planning StrategicNW@GFWCGeorgia.org Maria Barnhart
CE Strategic Planning StrategicCE@GFWCGeorgia.org Robbie Cole
CW Strategic Planning StrategicCW@GFWCGeorgia.org Margaret McCall
SE Strategic Planning StrategicSE@GFWCGeorgia.org Lisa Spells
SW Strategic Planning StrategicSW@GFWCGeorgia.org Ellen Alderman
Tallulah Falls School Chair TallulahFalls@GFWCGeorgia.org Linda Mote
Junior Tallulah Falls School Chair JrTallulahFalls@GFWCGeorgia.org Carla Clemons
GFWC Jennie June Award Chair JennieJune@GFWCGeorgia.org Pat Swan
State Yearbook Chairman Yearbook@GFWCGeorgia.org Deborah Landress

Community Service Chairs

Art Community CSP Chair Arts@GFWCGeorgia.org Ann Lundin            Nicole Braun
Conservation  CSP Chair Conservation@GFWCGeorgia.org Barbara Reynolds Mary Harmon
Education CSP Education@GFWCGeorgia.org Rita Hamilton Libby Bond
Home Life CSP HomeLife@GFWCGeorgia.org Amelia Massey Barbara Cabiness
International Outreach CSP International@GFWCGeorgia.org Sheila Sanchez Vesga and Stacie Janecki
Public Issues CSP Chair PublicIssues@GFWCGeorgia.org Dale Reddick Kathryn Youles

The six Community Service Programs are as follows:

Community Service Programs

CSP Website

Click titles below

CSP Social Media

Click Icon below

Arts CSP

Arts Website fb pink

Conservation CSP


fb green

Education CSP

 Education Website

fb red

Home Life CSP

Home Life Website

fb organe
International Outreach CSP


fb blue

Public Issues CSP


fb gray
Project areas in which member clubs are involved:    

Standing/Special Committees


Click titles below

Social Media

Click Icon below

GFWC Special Project – Domestic Violence & Prevention


GFWC 1734 Society

GFWC Website Link   

Community Improvement Contest


Ella F. White Memorial Endowment Fund

                 Donation Form  

Jennie Award


Juniors Special Project: Advocates for Children

  fb blue

Lipscomb Society

Donation Form  lipscomb@gfwcgeorgia.org 



Tallulah Falls School (founded by GFWC Georgia in 1909)

TFS Website

GFWC Advancement Areas
Because of the integral nature of the GFWC Advancement Areas, these six areas are now recognized as core Advancement areas of any successful program.  These programs are intended to benefit the Clubs.  

Advancement Areas


Click titles below

Social Media

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Communication & Public Relations

 email us:







fb blue 

Fundraising and Development




 Leadership Website



Women’s History and Resource Center


Legislative and Public Policy


Download your GFWC Georgia App Today!  The main purpose and function for the GFWC Georgia App is to make it very simple for our members to view important resources from our website like the new reporting forms, templates, and info from their phones. There is also a social component available to app users entitled Social Network which functions similar to instant message posts. The app can be downloaded on Android and Iphones. Simply download the app just like any other app or game using Google Play or Apple AppStore from your Iphone.

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cropped-cropped-img_1305-e1465370017948.jpgGFWC Club Manual

Click the title to download 2018-2020 GFWC Club Manual.



GFWC Program Partners  

GFWC partners are the organizations with whom GFWC has established a formal relationship and mutual understanding.  Click underlined words to download:

 GFWC Program Partners  

GFWC Member Discounts Offered