GFWC Georgia’s 2nd Annual Day of Service Event

Our inaugural Day of Service Event was a Success!!!  Click Here to view our Video!

GFWC Georgia will continue the Day of Service (DOS) project during the 2018-20 administration in conjunction with the GFWC Volunteers in Action Week. The purpose of the Day of Service is to be a visible, unified force in our state through work done in the local communities.

  • Clubs will choose “a house” to help on the last Saturdays in April 2019 and 2020.
  • Houses chosen may be in the local community or in a neighboring city in which the local community benefits.
  • There will be NO special report form.
  • Work done for the Day of Service project may be reported in a Community Service Program coinciding with the project OR in Membership, but not both. If emphasis is placed on the service provided for the “house,” then report the project in the appropriate Community Service Program. For example, projects for the Ronald McDonald House on the DOS may be reported in Home Life.  If emphasis is placed on membership recruitment or engagement, the project should be reported in Membership.
  • Descriptions of projects should include publicity, number of members participating, number of hours worked, cost, dollars donated, and effect on the community. If used as membership recruitment, reports should also include number of members gained as a result of the project.

         Select a house to help!                                                        Select a Project!








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